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Dip Devices

Our vapes are multifunctional, portable, and torchless. 

The Dipper is a 2-in-1 electric dab pen and honey straw. It includes a Vapor Tip dab straw for portable dabbing, and a Quartz Atomizer to turn the device into a powerful dab pen for wax and other concentrates.

The EVRI, our newest product, has multiple vape and dab attachments: A Vapor Tip electric dab straw and a 510/POD Attachment for cartridges and vape pods as well as a Quartz Crystal bucket-style attachment for a traditional pack-and-go dab pen experience.

The Little Dipper is a low cost, discreet electric dab straw meant for maximum portability. Voted the Best New Product of the year in 2021 by HQ Event.

All of our dab pens and vaporizers are discreet and let you dab without a torch.

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