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Coastal Sun

Coastal Sun cultivates EnvirOganic Certified cannabis flowers on an organic farm in Santa Cruz, California. Our central farm is also home to an organic blueberry brand (Coastal Moon) and a world-class cannabis nursery (Coastal Star). All three brands are powered by Strong Agronomy.

Healthy Plants Heal Humans

On our central farm in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, we use two main styles of cultivation: Regenerative Soil Farming in the full sun gardens, and Bioponics (organically growing in containers) in the greenhouse and blueberry gardens.

 Both styles focus on building a rich community of microbiology, which boosts nutrition uptake and creates healthy, phytonutrient rich plants.

​These nutrients can then be transferred to humans during the consumption process, strengthening our immune systems and resistance to disease, illness and health issues.

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