Cali Green Gold – 1g Crumble – Blueberry Muffin (I)


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Desert Road Distribution LLC
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Cali Green Gold
77.05 %
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The dedicated team that comprises Cali Green Gold has laid a foundation for true cannabis experiences. Through product lines that deliver consistent quality and purity, exceptional flavor, and powerful potency, Cali Green Gold is the source of premium marijuana flowers and extracts. Cali Green Gold is a brand with a vision; they believe the medical cannabis movement was monumental to our time and that the pioneering forces and collaboration of cannabis advocates should be cherished and remembered. Cali Green Gold’s mission is to empower its patrons with marijuana products that enhanced wellness and increase their quality of life. Cali Green Gold aims bridge society to normalization, connecting medical cannabis patients, 420-friendly enthusiasts, and marijuana newbies to safe, reliable buds, shatter, sauce, and vape cartridges. Embrace truth, embrace cannabis.

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