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California’s largest cities – Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco – allow recreational cannabis stores and legal cannabis delivery services.

Smaller California cities – 80% of the state’s municipalities – have banned legal cannabis dispensaries.

For residents of these cities with bans on physical cannabis dispensary stores, cannabis delivery services are their only option.

But as of April 4, 2019,  24 municipalities (and Santa Cruz County) filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) –California Cannabis Regulatory Agency – for the right to ban legal cannabis delivery services in their cities and county too.

Pineapple Express – We Deliver! speaks out on this issue

Here’s what we know so far about the potential effects for California residents

  • California’s BCC has maintained that Proposition 64 allows for statewide deliveries. It added explicit language authorizing the practice after several law enforcement officials in anti-cannabis locales insisted they could arrest licensed deliver drivers in cities and counties that ban marijuana.
  • Many terminally ill and homebound patients would not have a way to get the medicine they need to function.
  • Banning deliveries would encourage the illicit market to continue grow and put untested (unsafe) cannabis in the hands of consumers, some who are either terminally ill, or whose immune systems would be compromised.
  • Residents in vast areas of the state basically have no access to legal recreational marijuana market, other than weed delivery services, or the black market.
  • In order to get legal cannabis in these local areas, people would be forced to either travel anywhere from 30-100 miles – or go without their medicine.
  • Marijuana delivery is environmentally friendly: It is better to have one vehicle delivering multiple orders rather than each person driving anywhere from 30-100 miles to a county with a legal cannabis dispensary.
  • Legal cannabis delivery services are held to strict rules of compliance: All cannabis products are clean, and employees are held to higher standards. Customers order weed online.
  • Cannabis delivery is safer than the potential of consumers traveling to purchase products: Customers order weed online and have it discretely delivered to their homes, rather than potentially driving 50-100 miles while intoxicated.

The worst-case scenario that could happen in the next few months would be the court issues an injunction or restraining order on the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s rule that gives deliveries the right to deliver anywhere (even California areas that ban commercial cannabis activity).

Pineapple Express currently delivers to people in these legal cannabis dispensary banned areas:

Santa Clarita Areas:

* Santa Clarita 91390
* Canyon Country 91351
* Valencia 91355
* Stevenson Ranch 91381
* Canyon Country 91387
* Newhall 91321
* Valencia 91354
* Castaic 91384
* Saugus, Santa Clarita 91350

Palm Desert

* Desert Hot Springs
* Palm Springs
* Coachella

That’s a massive swath of people in Southern California areas who will be out of luck if they want to buy recreationally or medical cannabis if the lawsuit goes in the city’s favor. People who didn’t choose to join this lawsuit. But if it goes through, cities and counties will be able to ban marijuana delivery to people in these areas.