About Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is ready to bring you the best Cannabis derived CBD and THC products the industry has to offer. Pineapple Express delivers legal, dependable, lab tested medicinal and recreational cannabis. We cater to your holistic desires at a competitive price with FAST and friendly service. Regulations allow us to deliver to your home, work, cafe or even a private venue you are relaxing in.

We adhere to the highest standards of health, safety, patients’ rights, and discreetly serve both adult-use and medicinal patients 7 days/week from 8:30am am – 9:30 pm. Want to place an order over the phone? We’re available for calls via 877-WE DELIVER.

Is your company selling legal products online?

Yes we are a fully legal complaint cannabis delivery service l with licenses for retail, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution in Palm Springs & Los Angeles are: C9-0000082-LIC / C9-0000020-LIC.

What makes you different and why should I use your service?

Our menu of products are carefully chosen from a team of industry experts over 50 years of combined experience. The convenience of being able to skip the drive to a dispensary while having a budtender still readily available if you need them separates us from the rest. Furthermore we are responsible with the regions we service so you can rely on amazing products at your door in under an hour. Give us a call or place an order to experience the Pineapple Express difference for yourself..

Do I have options for placing cannabis delivery orders?

Yes! We want to make your experience as easy and memorable as possible. You can easily place your cannabis delivery orders the following ways:

1. Order online through our website – www.pineappleexpress.com.
2. Call and place an order over the phone – 877 WE DELIVER or text us at 310-455-8180.
3. Use our live chat feature to talk in real time with our support staff. Look for the green chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Do I need an account set up before I can place an order?

If you are a “new” customer – Yes! By doing so, you will set up your username and password and keep all your information secure, so your ordering process will be a breeze! As a legal dispensary you will need to provide an acceptable form of government ID (Driver’s License or ID Card or Passport) to place your order. We have an easy upload feature on our website or you can give one of our friendly dispatchers a call to walk you through this 1 time process.

I’m a NEW customer how do I set up an account online?

There are multiple ways to set up an account and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Option 1 – WEBSITE
1. If you are a “New” customer – Look for the “LOG IN” menu tab at the top of your screen.
2. Enter your information in the “register” form
3. Click the green register button and you’re all set!

Option 2 – WEBSITE
1. Find your favorite products on our website and add them to your shopping cart
2. Once you are done shopping click the “checkout” button
3. If you are a new customer click New customer? Click here to register
4. Follow the steps on the next page and register
5. You will need a picture of your current ID – be sure to upload that during this process
6. Use the check boxes to mutually agree to our policies
7. Click the green register button and you’re all set!

This officially makes you are part of our Pineapple Express family and your cannabis delivery account is now set up so you can get back to living it up.

Option 3 – PHONE
Call our support team on 877 WE DELIVER and do it over the phone

Option 4 – EMAIL
Email our support team at support@pineappleexpress.com

Option 5 – APP
1. Find Pineapple Express – We Deliver! on the APP STORE & GOOGLE PLAY
2. Download the app to your phone
3. Repeat Option 1 or Option 2

I’m already a customer, how do I login to my online account?

1. If you are a “returning” customer – Look for the “LOG IN” menu tab at the top of your screen.
2. Enter your username and password and click LOG IN

What can I expect once I…

● Place my order for cannabis delivery: An email notification with your anticipated delivery time
● While I wait for my order to arrive: An email notification when the driver is around 5mins
● After I have received my order. A text thanking you for your order with how many loyalty points are in your account (If opting in)

How long does an order typically take to arrive?

5min – 60min depending on where our vehicles are and how many orders are ahead of yours. Once the order is placed text messaging is available to keep you updated.

What happens if I get the wrong order?
Your driver will handle that right on site if able to. If not he will call it into to your dispatcher to fix immediately.

Can I call the delivery driver directly?

The driver’s dispatcher will be your point of contact for any questions and any updates. We want our drivers to be as distraction free as possible so products are safely delivered to you.

I have an emergency and need to leave my delivery location. What must I do if its already on
the way?

Please call, email, text or chat our dispatch team.

What type of a car pulls up to drop off my cannabis delivery?

We follow the Ca Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations of having non-descript vehicles arrive. Our fleet consists of Mercedes Sprinters, Mercedes Metris and Toyota Priuses.

I want to be discreet when getting my delivery. Will people know its a cannabis rep?

All of our clients say our drivers look like online order service delivery professionals. They all wear khakis and a black polo shirt with nothing visible pertaining to cannabis.

What is the rewards program all about?

Now, you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent! Look for REWARDS on our website, sign up and you are good to go. Each month you’ll get deals to redeem points for cash off your order, get products at a major discount, and even earn bonus points with special one-time offers. Check your Pineapple Express Rewards Wallet for point balances, redeemable offers, and one time deals.

Already racking up those points and ready to redeem?

If you are ready to redeem your points follow these instructions:

1. Before completing your online purchase, choose the reward you’d like to redeem in your
rewards wallet

2. Click “Proceed to offer” and copy the confirmation code at the bottom

3. Enter the code into the notes when placing your order online

4. Your dispatcher will confirm your redemption prior to delivery

How can I help my grandmother feel safer about receiving cannabis delivery when she is
alone at home?

Please have her watch our delivery service overview video here

Am I able to change my mind or add to my order once the driver is already here?

Our driver’s are allowed to carry inventory with them; while it is not as robust as a walk in dispensary if you’d like to add onto your order dispatch will gladly walk you through any additions or changes and inform your driver.

Where can I leave a review?
We love hearing from our customers – find us online at Pineapple Express – We Deliver!
Leave us a review on any of your favorite platforms like Google, Yelp, Get NUGG, Leafly and weedMaps and let us know how we are doing! We will personally respond to all of you within 24 hours.